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Nexus Pheromones Overview

Have you ever thought how influential can some sexual juices, flowing in your body, be in stimulating responses from the other sex? There has been a lot of research on this topic that has shown prominence since the beginning of Human Era.

In particular, a Pheromone is a chemical component secreted by a species to entice/communicate to mates of its own species. Every individual secretes a certain amount of pheromones.

Since in humans, studies have linked pheromones with attraction of female sexually, it has brought about various products in the market that promises sexual enticing.

I am going to give you a brief overview about one such product ‘The Nexus Pheromones’.

Nexus Pheromones Review

The first impressive thing about Nexus Pheromones is that it is high on the Pheromone content which makes it quite logical that when applied it will emit scents that can make one lascivious.

Secondly, there are thousands of studies that reveal as to how women can sniff out a men`s feelings and emotions from their odor. This gives a go to Nexus Pheromones since it deals with emitting pheromones when applied, solving the sole purpose of luring women.

Finally, this can be used along with your favorite cologne thereby making your usage not so apparently visible.

How Does Nexus Pheromones Work?

Nexus Pheromone basically contains 7 types of human pheromones that blend well with the existing body odor. Though they are masked well by your cologne/perfume usage, they stand apart to women`s nose which has a strong capability to sniff them out.

When the human pheromones reach their nose, the scent by passes the normal, rational part of the brain and reaches the behavior center of the female brain. If the signal transmitted, scent received is positive (indicating the fertility of the man, ability to mate) it elicits corresponding response from the female.

Since this comes from a part above brain rationality, one can expect some real drawing of women towards oneself.

What Does All This Mean for me?

Since our society on a daily basis requires us to wash away our naturally emitted Pheromones in order to make ourselves presentable (via perfumes, frequent showers and deodorants etc.), we are forced to look for alternate means to attract women.

However attractive we are and whatever gimmicks we perform, any woman on the receiving end would react with her rational brain truly conscious of her behavior feeding her with lots of information such as the repercussions of the reaction, social awareness etc. This will hinder her direct approach/reaction to men`s action to lure her.

A means by which a man can surpass this rational center of the brain means he is actually ‘getting her drunk’ and then seducing her with minimal physical advances. This means a lot to those who feel inferior or shy among girls.

Evidence is the Key

Major evidence about the effectiveness of the product lays the innumerous scientific studies presented in journals throughout the world about the effect or role of pheromones in communicating signals.

In fact, animals use pheromones to communicate each and every emotion to others of its species. Various studies on bees, rats, mammals and reptiles ascertain this fact.

Further, the Internet is swarmed with theories and results from studies those link pheromones that delve into detailed explanations of pheromones and their physiological effects on mammals.

All these bundled together raises hope on Nexus Pheromones as a successful product. 

Customer Feedback

A product as such becomes successful if it is able to convince the mass about its worthiness. Likewise, Nexus Pheromones` customers from throughout the world have dropped in their comments and feedbacks.

95% of those who have tried Nexus Pheromones have stated that there are definitely significant changes after they started using it. In general, their comments were that primarily, they were noticed to a larger extent in the group. They were able to make their presence evitable among the opposite sex.

A major chunk of people had used the product to get to the girl they had infatuated upon or had a secret crush etc. who were otherwise not reachable normally. Almost all of them noted a difference in their ‘secret lovers`’ attitude towards them.

Negative Feedback

There were some hilarious negative feedbacks on the product that garnered on its way to glory. In particular there were two feedbacks that caught my eye that I am going to share here.

One feedback was about how a customer had used Nexus Pheromones for no particular reason and on a particular day had used a lot of it before going to a social party. In the party he had experienced flirtatious behavior from many girls and also some aged women that he found difficult to control and ended up leaving early without any sexual success.

Another feedback was how a customer wanted to entice a co-worker and had started using Nexus Pheromones, but instead of the co-worker, his boss started hitting on him. This, he says, irked him a lot and put him in an uncomfortable position due to which he had to trade off between his work and his ‘mystical attraction charm’.


The verdict remains clear, for $49.95 a bottle, Nexus Pheromone is a good buy that can satiate your lascivious requirements. Further, there are many package offers that give you many perks as your buy increases.

Secondly, 3-4 sprays can actually cater to your 8-hour erotic ring that will make girls fall for you. Another advantage is that using your regular cologne or deodorant can easily mask your usage of Nexus Pheromone.

67 Day Money Back Guarantee

If by any chance, you are dissatisfied with the product, return it within 67 (60 days usage plus 7 days shipping time) and claim 100% of what you paid to get the product.

Even if you had obtained a package, i.e. many bottles of Nexus Pheromones, don`t worry, you can return the used bottles and other unopened bottles to claim your money back.

With all these perks, there shouldn`t be anything stopping you from getting your own bottle of Nexus Pheromones.

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